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June 2012 - THE NEW ALBUM!! - Press the "play" button to hear the song "My Friend". Hit download to get the track or the entire album if you want. It's a "pay what you want" site so if you've got a few bucks you can send our way, cool. If not, take it anyway and get us next time. Love!! 


 July 2012 - Elephant On My Chest - The second single off "Another Way To Exist", and the second one in the "Holiday Pics" trilogy. The live performance was shot by Lynda Lawson in a pub called the Kenlis Arms in Garstang, Lancashire. We managed to sync up the video with the studio version of the song even though they were two different tempos and used video of us roaming around Amsterdam, London, and St. Annes to cover up the edit points. As an added bonus, we included "Cooking with Magic Trees" - a drunken sandwich-making session than mercifully lasts only a minute or so. Enjoy!


July 2012 - My Friend - The first single off our new album, "Another Way To Exist". This is the first video in the "Holiday Pics" trilogy. We decided the first three videos would be basically a photo album of our travels during 2011 and 2012. This one's a slideshow video of pics from our two trips to the UK and a few oldies (Ian and Jason's hair gets real short in those ones!) 


July 2012 - Who wants some AC/DC? - We don't usually play this one but a rocking crowd at the Vic had just called us back for a second encore so we decided to throw caution to the wind and scream out some Bon Scott!

 September 2011 - Last UK gig of the summer - We had to head to Canada after this gig at Tommy Ducks in Blackpool, so we made sure we had a good time. This is a Status Quo tune called Caroline which is quite big in the UK but not so much back in North America. Special thanks to Warren who came out and shot this video and made it available on YouTube.

July 2011 - Picking Up The Rain - Recording the bed tracks for a new song. We shot the video to show the sweet space above our favourite pub which we used for a rehearsal/recording studio while we lived in the UK. Everything was being recorded live as it was being shot, so this version will differ slightly from the finished one that ends up on the CD, but we think it's cool in it's raw state!

And we're in England! - a six minute video shot April 30 2011 in the Old Bank Inn pub in Blackpool UK. The two songs are from our second encore - "Starman" by David Bowie and "Joy To The World" by Three Dog Night.
New Year's Eve 2010 - a five minute compilation of moments from the New Years Eve bash at the famous Belly Up Pub in Prince Albert!
Go To Sleep - the second video from our "Everything Is A Song" CD. James Miller shot this one underneath the "Consciousness Tree" on a beautiful September day. Right after the shoot we trooped over to a coffee bar that was doing a jam night and jumped up on stage and played this song. It was pretty cool...

Go To Sleep - Everything Is A Song
My Night Sky - the first video from our "Everything Is A Song" CD. We combined the audio off the disc with footage shot by our friend Nick Somers at a gig  in Creighton, Saskatchewan (yay, The Hooter) and some footage of us hanging out by Lac La Ronge back in May 2010. It all synced up amazingly well!

My Night Sky - Everything Is A Song